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About SML

Wuhan SML Tools Limited is a professional trading company engaged in import and export trade, mainly engaged in foreign trade, import and domestic sales, processing with supplied materials and other business activities.
Wuhan SML Drill Bits Tools Limited

Drill Bit Company Profile

Established in 2014, Wuhan SML Tools Limited is located in Wuhan Donghu high-tech Zone, a national development zone. As a leader in bit production and sales in China, it can produce various types of PDC bits. Meanwhile, SML focuses on the customization of various drill bits, and its products are widely used in oil and gas drilling, coal field and mining. Our company has established a good corporate image at home and abroad due to its excellent product performance, top product quality, extremely competitive price and high-quality service. The products are exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Australia, Europe and so on.

The Development History Of SML

Pdc Drill Bits 2014

SML founded and initial establishment of factory

Pdc Drill Bit 2015

The first expansion of the factory

Pdc Drill Bits 2016

Button bits, PDC Hole Opener mass production

Pcd Drill Bit 2018

Officially settled in East Lake Economic Development Zone

Drill Bits Pdc 2019

The second expansion of the factory

Drill Bits Pdc 2021

Add three product lines of superhard materials, drilling tool accessories, and tungsten and molybdenum materials

Drill Bits Pdc 2022

SML has obtained ISO9001 certification

Why Choose Us?

Professional technical team

As oil and gas become more difficult to access, SML continuously strives to improve drilling tool technology in order to meet today’s challenges. Our top-notch engineers ensure that your drilling tools are optimal for your particular drilling operation. As a manufacturer, we have the resources and expertise to exceed your objectives.

Excellent service strategy

SML has a professional and experienced team of research and development, production and after-sales service. You can be guaranteed that we will go the extra mile to get you any product required, or at the very least a solution that keeps your operations moving forward.

Quality after-sales service
  1. We will respond to your inquires in one hour (holidays as well).

  2. We provide free replacement once the failure is confirmed to be caused by our product quality.

Company Culture

Core Value

”Self-discipline and Social Commitment“; ”very modest and moisturizing silent“


Focus on customer needs;

Provide competitive solutions and services;

Create maximum value for customers while achieving a win-win situation for

the enterprise;


Strive to be a well-known foreign trade enterprise in China Live in harmony,

work together and develop harmoniously

SML Honor

verified supplier certificate
verified supplier certificate
verified supplier certificate
verified supplier certificate
quality management system certificate
quality management system certificate

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