What Do You Need To Know To Use A PDC Bit?

PDC bits are much cheaper than natural diamond bits, but they are only suitable for use in soft to medium-hard formations. After the successful manufacturing by pdc drill bits manufacturers and use of PDC bits in the early 1970s, it has developed rapidly. It can be used for low WOB and higher speed with long life and low cost. Nowadays, good results are also achieved with diamond polycrystalline composite pieces welded on the scrapers.

I. PDC drill design philosophy

PDC drill bits are designed to break rock by cutting. Self-sharpening cutting teeth can easily cut into the strata under the weight of the bit and move forward to shear the rock under the action of torque. Multiple PDC drill cutting teeth work simultaneously, and there are many free surfaces at the bottom of the rock, and the rock is also easily broken under the action of shearing, so the rock is highly efficient and the drilling speed is high and fast. We have PDC drill bits for sale and PDC Reamer.

II, what are the size parameters of PDC drill bits?

PDC drill bit manufacturers mainly provide tire body PDC drill bits, steel body PDC drill bits, including four-blade, five-blade, six-blade, seven-blade, etc.

The specific sizes are as follows: 98mm, 118mm, 149mm, 152mm, 165mm, 190mm, 200mm, 216mm, 241mm, 250mm, 269mm, 295mm, 311mm, 346mm, 393mm, 406mm, 445mm, 660mm and other specifications.

III. How to maintain the PDC drill bit?

According to the formation data, hydraulic power and drilling parameters, choose the appropriate type of drill bit, such as matrix body pdc bit.

(1) Select the appropriate nozzle according to the hydraulic parameters, and the size of the nozzle hole should not be too large to avoid corrosion of the flow channel.

(2) Before the PDC bit is drilled along the downhole, check whether the size and type of the bit meet the requirements for use, regardless of whether the size is correct, whether the nozzle is installed, and whether the bit buckle type and joint match.

(3) The PDC bit shall be lowered into the well through the downhole operation procedure. After the bit makes contact with the bottom of the well, it must be gently pressed and slowly rotated (weight 10-20kN, speed 60r / min) for 30 minutes. wob remains normal.

(4) During drilling, the operation should be stable and the bit should be sent evenly to avoid sudden drilling.

(5) Storage and transportation of drill bits should be put in wooden boxes and soft material packing boxes to avoid damage.

(6) PDC drill bits should be stored in a room at 10~30℃, kept dry, ventilated and protected from sunlight and rain. The shelf life of storage in this case is five years.

PDC bits including PDC drag bit are much cheaper than natural diamond bits, but it is only suitable for soft to medium hard formation. Sugimeri is committed to offering high quality PDC Drill Bits with a complete assembly line and a strict quality inspection department. We believe our PDC drill bit products will be a good choice for you.