sml hybrid drill bit
hybrid drill bit

Hybrid Drill Bit

The hybrid bit uses a mixed cutting method. The tricone bit is to be broken by impact on the stratum, and then the PDC blade is cut to effectively protect the PDC cutters. It is more stable than the regular PDC bit, and can get a higher mechanical drill speed when drilling soft and hard stagnation.

Hybrid Drill Bit wholesale

Advantages of hybrid drill bit

1. Hybrid bits also include cone and blade. The cone diamond tooth will produce unsustainable pitting pits and cause pre -crushing of the rock layer.

2. In the geological structure without symmetry, hard, soft, and overlapping, the tricone bit on the hybrid causes the rock layer to be broken, reducing the drilling load of the PDC cone diamond and cone roller.

What Are Hybrid Drill Bit Made Of?

The hybrid bit is composed of cone and PDC blade, which fully combines the advantages of two types of drill bits.

1. PDC cutting tooth part can provide faster ROP at a lower WOB speed.

2. The cone -shaped part can reduce the vibration of the drilling column, which is beneficial to the hard rock layer in the drilling.

What Are Hybrid Drill Bit Made Of?

Detail About Hybrid Drill Bit

Detail About Hybrid Drill Bit
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