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Matrix PDC Core Bit

A form of thin tubular multi-tooth bit implanted with diamond composite piece is known as a PDC core bit, also known as a hollow bit. In order to significantly increase drilling efficiency, increase construction efficiency, and lower labor intensity, PDC core bits use high-quality diamond composite pieces. In rock layers, it works well when applied with f12.

Aiming for extra-hard rock mass, PDC core bits are constructed of high grade diamond single crystals or naturally occurring diamond particles that have undergone special processing using scientific formulas.

High speed and efficiency, good diameter retention, high wear resistance, continuous quality, and extended life are all properties of PDC core bits.

PDC core bits belong to a kind of PDC drill bit that can be utilized in building units for coal mines, roads, railroads, bridges, geological investigation, water conservation, and hydropower.

Matrix PDC Core Bit wholesale

Specification Of Matrix PDC Core Bit

Double tube surface
Size( surface )Matric system( mm )Imperial system( in )
exploration drillHole diameterCore diameterHole diameterCore diameter
Triple tube surface

Matrix PDC Core Bit Performance

The blade is made of diamond composite, works with cutting, has large blades and long life.

It is a new type of tools in the overall hard rock layer. 

It has the effect of breaking rocks while rotating at high speed.

Matrix PDC Core Bit Performance

Internal Structure Of Matrix PDC Core Bit

Internal Structure Of  Matrix PDC Core Bit
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