hybrid bit

Hybrid Bit

The Hybrid Bit, integrating the strengths of both tricone and PDC bits, is pivotal in addressing challenges in petrochemical exploration. Slow drilling speeds, extended timelines, and escalating costs in deep and ultra-deep geological structures underscore the crucial role of bit performance. The advancement in drilling deep natural gas resources is closely tied to the efficacy of the bit.

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Advantages of Hybrid Bit

1. Hybrid bits also include cone and blade. The cone diamond tooth will produce unsustainable pitting pits and cause pre -crushing of the rock layer.

2. In the geological structure without symmetry, hard, soft, and overlapping, the tricone bit on the hybrid causes the rock layer to be broken, reducing the drilling load of the PDC cone diamond and cone roller.

3. Compared with the traditional PDC bit, the hybrid bit is more stable at work, which can prevent the drill from being destroyed at the initial stage.

The characteristics of Hybrid Bit

1. Crown design: In view of the characteristics of the multi -sandwiches of the victory oil field, the crown contour design is based on the combination of equivalent and equal cutting principles to determine the crown contour shape suitable for drilling.

2. The overall design of drilling: Drilling structure -composite drilling structure is completed by selecting a certain method of dental distribution and relative density.

3. The overall design of the drill head hydropower: The hydropower structure of the PDC bit is related to the working characteristics of the drill bit and the length of the service life.

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