Drill Bits Application In The Geothermal Well Industry

Geothermal drilling is a necessary process to exploit geothermal resources. Geothermal drilling is a complex and technically demanding project in which the geothermal drilling process, the selection of drilling equipment, the composition of the drilling construction team, and the management of the drilling construction all affect the drilling results.

Selection of Drill Bits

Another aspect of the drilling process that needs attention but may often be overlooked is the selection of the drill bit, which is an important part of the drilling process. The formation of a borehole and the length of time spent on it are related to the characteristics of the rocks in the formation being drilled and the performance of the drill bit itself, but also to the degree of mutual matching between the drill bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of drill bit plays an important role in improving the drilling speed and reducing the comprehensive cost of drilling.

Structure of the drill bit

As the main tool of drilling project, the drill bit can be divided into drag bit, tricone bit and PDC drill bit according to different structures, and the main indexes of the drill bit are the bit feed and mechanical drilling speed. ), Φ215.90mm (8 1/2"), etc.

Drill Bits Application In The Geothermal Well Industry