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About SML Technical Support Instructions

We are a company integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. According to the customer's construction technology, application stratum, construction meters, drilling rig model and other information, we can provide customers with the most suitable drill bits.

Our service process:

① Customers provide demands and working condition information. 

② Choose the most suitable type according to the customer's working conditions. 

③ Design the drill bit model. 

④ The quotation is to be confirmed by the customer. 

⑤ Arrange production after receiving the customer's payment. 

⑥ Shipping inspection. 

⑦ Packing and delivery. 

⑧ After-sale tracking.

Studies have shown that by adjusting the internal quality and external shape of the PDC cutters and the face style of the drill body, the drill can achieve different testing effects. We have a professional R&D team and post-processing team, which can provide customers with various special-shaped PDC cutters and also customize facial styles for customers.

About SML Technical Support Instructions
About The Instructions And Precautions Of The PDC Bits

About The Instructions And Precautions Of The PDC Bits

The Preparation Of Pdc Bit

Check whether the previous bit is broken, tooth loss and partial body missing phenomenon. Salvage should be carried out if necessary.

When taking out the PDC bit from the wooden package , it should be padded with wood or other soft material.

Check that there is no blockage of foreign matter in the flow holes of the bit before drilling into the well.

Run The Bit

The bit should be passed carefully and slowly through the BOP stack, casing shoe, and liner hanger to avoid damaging the bit.

When the drill bit is 0.15~0.3m away from the bottom of the well, cycle for several minutes. If there is siltation at the bottom of the well, the circulation time can be appropriately extended, and the drilling tools can be moved at the same time.

During The Drilling

When encountering hard formations or highly abrasive formations during drilling, the wear of cutters will increase with the increase of rotational speed and WOB. In order to prolong the life of the drill bit, it is recommended to use a low speed (about 80~120rpm) and the lowest possible weight on bit. Adjust parameters in time when encountering interlayer or formation changes.

About PDC Bits Quality Monitoring

About PDC Bits Quality Monitoring

First of all, the cutting teeth used in our PDC drill bits, that is, the PDC cutters, are produced by ourselves. What's more, the material selection, assembly, synthesis, processing, and inspection links are all strictly controlled, which ensures the life of the cutting teeth to the greatest extent. and stability.

Secondly, the steel materials we use, according to different drill bits, we use different materials, medium carbon steel, chrome molybdenum alloy steel, all purchased from large steel manufacturers.

SML PDC Bits After-Sales Service Instructions

After receiving customer complaints. First of all, we will analyze the reasons. The problem often lies in product quality, material control and transportation. Secondly, we will provide solutions according to different reasons, such as machine improvement, material testing, shipping methods. If the customer is not satisfied with our solution, we will formulate a claim settlement plan. The specific settlement plan includes: ①replenishment for the next order; ②replacement of accessories; ③gift coupons for the next order; ④discount sales. Customers can choose from the above solutions.

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SML PDC Bits After-Sales Service Instructions