Mining Turkey Istanbul Mining Equipment & Machinery Exhibition


Opening and closing time:09:00-18:00


Organizer:Messe Düsseldorf, Germany

Istanbul, Turkey Mining Equipment and Machinery Exhibition Introduction:

Miming Turkey, founded in 2004, is an international exhibition specializing in mining equipment and machinery. The exhibition is the largest mining and mining machinery exhibition in Turkey, attracting many famous exhibitors from Europe and the United States, and since then several exhibitions, the exhibition area and exhibition scale has gradually grown.

Miming Turkey, the last exhibition of mining equipment and machinery in Istanbul, Turkey has a total area of 15,000 square meters, 298 exhibitors from China, Russia, Argentina, Dubai, Brazil, Spain, Japan, the United States, Mexico, etc. As a PDC bit company, we notice that the number of exhibitors reached 10,700 people. We can provide a reasonable PDC drill bit price.

As the largest mining exhibition in the Turkish market. It targets trade visitors from the industry, among them mainly buyers from international companies, but also engineers, consultants, representatives of administrations and academia. Since we have types of drilling bits used in mining industry, we attach importance to the exhibition. Exhibitors will also showcase their products and services, with a focus on mining machines and mineral processing machines. It also presents the latest advances in skills and services related to the exploration, development and drilling of explosions in various metals and deposits during Miming Turkey, the mining equipment and machinery exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.


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