Working principle and product advantages of tricone drill bit

Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality tricone drill bit manufacturer? Look no further than Wuhan SML Tools Limited! Our tricone drill bits are among the most widely used drilling bits in the industry and are designed for wide adaptability to strata and high mechanical drilling speed.

Our tricone drill bits for sale are composed of more than 20 parts, including cutting structure, bearing structure, locking element, oil storage and sealing device, and nozzle device. They are classified by bearing types (rolling bearings and sliding bearings) and seal types (rubber seals and metal seals) and can be divided into insert tooth (hard alloy tooth) and mill tooth (steel tooth) tricone drill bits, including tci tricone drill bits.

The working principle of our tricone drill bit is simple yet effective. Under the action of drilling pressure and column rotation, the teeth of the tricone drill bit crush and eat into the rock while producing sliding and shearing the rock. The shearing action brought by the sliding of the tooth wheel cuts off the other part of the residual rock between the teeth, allowing the rock at the bottom of the well to break and the wellbore to be extended.

Our tricone drill bits, such as steel tooth tricone bit, offer a variety of advantages, including impact, crushing, and shearing the formation rock when rotating. This allows them to adapt to various strata of soft, medium, and hard. With the emergence of jet tricone drill bits and long nozzle tricone drill bits, the drilling speed of tricone drill bits has been improved, which is a major revolution in their development history.

At Wuhan SML Tools Limited, we offer a wide range of tricone drill bits, including single tricone drill bit, double tricone drill bit, three tricone drill bits, and multi-tri-cone drill bits. Our three-tricone drill bit is widely used and is sure to meet your drilling needs.

As one of the leading drill bit manufacturers in bit production and sales in China, we can produce various types of PDC bits. Our PDC drill bit is widely used in oil and gas drilling, coalfield, and mining. We have established a good corporate image at home and abroad due to our excellent product performance, top product quality, extremely competitive price, and high-quality service. Our products are exported to many countries and regions such as the United States, Russia, Australia, Europe, and more.

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