Drill Bits Application In The Water Well Industry

During the construction of a water well drilling rig, the Water Well Drilling Bits are mainly used to break the rock, and the quality of the drill bit directly affects the drilling speed, drilling cost, and wellbore quality. The selection of water well drilling bits types with fast drilling speed and long service life for water well drilling rigs can greatly reduce drilling costs. Drill bits for water well drilling are mainly divided into scraper bits, roller cone bits, diamond bits, carbide bits, PDC bits special bits, etc. These bits have their own rock-breaking principles and applicable formations. In recent years, the continuous innovation of water well drilling rig products has led to the rapid development of drill bit research and development technology. At present, there are some new PDC drill bits and hybrid drill bits that can be widely used in various formations.

Advantages of Water Well PDC Drilling Bits for Sale

PDC bits for well drilling are widely used because of their high efficiency and low cost, in recent years the price of drill bits has gradually declined, their application can already completely replace manual drilling. As the drilling of water wells for the bottom of the well water output requirements are relatively high, so drilling bits will generally choose large-diameter PDC bits. After the well is drilled with PDC bit, the pump is then put into the well to extract groundwater for people's living and irrigation. The location of the well's outlet varies in different areas, and sometimes the groundwater level varies in different directions in the same area. Get more information about SML PDC drill bits manufacturers and get more information about pdc bits.

Precautions for Water Well PDC Drilling Bits for Sale

Generally speaking, the water level of this well is above 100 meters. Therefore, in order to avoid the well water not being drained or scrapped, attention should be paid to:

  1. Prevent groundwater from entering the pit.

  2. Prevent the slope from collapsing due to the loss of groundwater pore space.

  3. Pay attention to clean up the soil layer at the bottom of the well to avoid the pressure caused by the groundwater level gap, resulting in the phenomenon of pipe surge at the bottom of the well.

  4. After settlement, the lateral bearing capacity of sheet pile is reduced.

  5. Eliminate groundwater seepage and prevent sand flow.

It should be noted that when some strata soil or geological conditions contain a small amount of stones, it is necessary to use PDC bits to drill the well.

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Drill Bits Application In The Water Well Industry