Prevention of Mud Caking on PDC Drill Bit

Adjust the mud performance before entering the well with PDC drill bit

  • Mix oil or increase the amount of lubricant added to prevent cuttings from sticking to the drill bit;

  • Increase the polymer content in the drilling fluid to control water loss and improve mud cake quality;

  • Increase the inhibition of the drilling fluid to reduce the hydration and dispersion of mud shale;

  • Reduce the viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid, and timely remove poor solid phases;

  • Use temporary blocking technology to reduce permeability loss for high permeable sand layers;

  • Add alkali in advance for formation containing gypsum to prevent mud contamination;

  • Maintaining and treating the mud performance is effective for preventing drill bit mud wrapping before and after the PDC drill bit enters the well. Before pumping, it is also helpful to clean the drill bit with a certain amount of cleaning agent (surfactant).

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Engineering technical measures for petroleum drilling equipment

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  • First of all, select the PDC drill bit with suitable water eye and flow channel design to facilitate the discharge of cuttings;

  • Before lowering the PDC drill bit, fully circulate the mud and clean the wellbore to prevent cuttings left in the wellbore from continuing to hydrate and disperse;

  • Short-drill before lowering the PDC drill bit to scrape and squeeze the mud cake on the wellbore wall, make it thin, compact and clear the obstacles as much as possible. If PDC drill bit mud wrapping still cannot be avoided in the high incidence area, it's necessary to use junk mills to clean the wellbore;

  • Apply grease on the surface of the flow channel of the drill bit to form a protective film, reducing the contact time between the drill bit and poor solid phases in the mud or encase the drill bit in casing, which is also effective even in deep wells;

  • During drilling, the drill bit constantly scrapes the wellbore wall, and the mud cake or cuttings remaining in the wellbore will accumulate and become compacted on the drill bit. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse the PDC drill bit clean during the circulating midway;

  • Properly control the drilling speed to prevent the drill bit suddenly drilling into a sand bridge or drilling into a pile of sludge. Moreover, if the speed is appropriate, the PDC drill bit will travel along the helical wellbore track drilled by the previous drill bit, rather than scratching down large amounts of mud cake on the wellbore wall;

  • Open the pump every time the drill bit reaches the bottom, increase the flow rate to wash the bottom and drill bit thoroughly, then rotate and drill down 0.5-1m, complying with the requirements of the PDC drill bit's shape;

  • Use a large displacement to ensure the PDC drill bit is fully washed and cooled;

  • When drilling in soft mudstone, low drill pressure, high rotation speed, and large displacement should be used as much as possible, and it is not necessary to blindly pursue a slightly higher drilling speed with high drilling pressure, which is only the usage of junk mill drill bits; We provide PDC bit for sale at reasonable price.

  • Precise operation is required, and the pressure applied when sending the drill bit down should be even and not alternately strong or weak.