Actively Respond To National Policies And Create A Good Office Environment For Employees

In these recent days, since the weakening of the New Coronavirus, the country has initiated a full liberalization of the epidemic prevention and control strategy, restoring order to all normal operations of society and the free travel and living conditions of people. PDC bit manufacturers are confident about the future.

In order to create a good working environment, SML has prepared epidemic prevention materials and equipment such as masks, disinfectants, and thermometers for employees, and equipped disinfection products in public areas such as hand-washing stations and bathrooms. The office area is disinfected daily from time to time to keep the public area environment neat and clean. If you want to know drill bit types and their applications, you can contact us. We also regularly disinfect the whole area to build a firm line of defense for the safety of public places, create a good living environment, and protect the health and safety of personnel.

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